Parties unanimously agree and stipulate that the rent will be governed by the following
The customer agrees not to provide false about their generality,age,adress and requirements for driving,explicitly exempting the lessor from any consequence caused by false statements.the customer must be the holder of a valid driving license for use of the rented vehicle, since he is not subject to legal restrictions of a judicial or administrative action.Any way if the customer dose not come from’ neccessery to show the international driving licence, long as the state of origin is a signatory to the conventions of the field guide that adheres Italy, or the Geneva Convention of 1949 or that of vienna del1968. Citizens of states that are not signatories to either of the two conventions will be able to drive in Italy, if they have their own national driving license and a pair of the same translated by request at the Italian embassy in your country or at embassies and consulates of your country in Italy.
The scooter is committed to the customers with a full tank of fuel, provided the standard equipment, accessories (helmet, security system) and documents the movement of which the customer becomes the guardian for all purposes. the vehicle is delivered in excellent condition and operation,without difects,been documented in the photo that is attached to this contract and the customer with the signing of the same states that it’s been viewed and have viewed the excellent conditions and valued fit for use.with the following agreement is transferred to the customer only the detention of the vehicle. remaining in full possession of that availability of the lessor.
The customer acknowledges that it did not receive any real power of the rented vehicle and accessories supplied and then not being able to to take possession in any way.
Only the custemer is allowed to drive the vehcle, Therefore, he assumes all risk and liability in case of driving the vehicle in custody of third parties and also for the effects of the twelfth paragraph 116 of the Highway Code which relates to the person without a driving license.It’s strictly prohibited the sub-rental of the vehicle in any form to third parties. Additionally, A Customer shall in no circumstances use or permit the vehicle to be used: (a) for the transport of things \ or persons for commercial tasks; (b) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things; (c) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens or any other substance capable of impairing the state of awareness and vigilance; (d) for any illegal purpose. The customer must utizzare all anti-theft device which is fitted to the vehicle wherever it is parked and left unattended.The customer assumes the obligation not to supply the rented vehicle with fuel other than that provided; do not directly and \ or have performed other repair work without the consent of the lessor; to replace at his own expense, in case of punctures, damaged tires. It is not permissible to return the vehicle with tires repaired. Rates include unlimited mileage
The customer declares to be aware of the requirements of the current Highway Code. In any case, for the sake of completeness, the landlord has given the customer the key standards, with particular reference to the relevant law about helmets, speed limits and consequences arising from failure to comply
The “RENT FOR CAGLIARI Ltd” has provided the customer copy of the insurance contract (AII.A), and then the customer must be aware of, accept and undertake to comply with the conditions of the insurance policy. The vehicle that’s rented is covered by insurance on tort.
the extent permitted by law, the lessor shall not be held responsible, and the customer waives for himself and his heirs or assigns to advance any and all claims against the lessor for any damage suffered by the customer or by third parties as well as significant by the user of the rented vehicle,or for loss or damage to property owned by the customer or third left in or on vehicle.
If an accident occurs, the customer agrees to:
a. immediately notify the landlord by phone, by sending it in the next 24 hours, a full detailed report on the form attached to the vehicle documents (CID model)
b. inform the nearest police authority
c. not to issue statements of responsibility in case of uncertainty about the dynamics of the accident
d. note the names and addresses of parties and witnesses
e. provide to the Landlord any other useful information
f. Follow the instructions that will provide the lessor with regard to housing or repair the vehicle
The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle and its equipment at the date and time agreed between leparti before the rental,in the same conditions of delivery, and therefore further undertakes to reintregrare eventual shortage and compensate all the damages.
The customer assumes the obligation to pay damages arising from refueling with fuel different than that provided by the rental vehicle.
and damage caused by repair work done by the customer without the consent of the lessor,or arising from use of the vehicle nonstante the presence of faults and \ or damaged tires or repaired.The client will be directly responsible in case of theft and \ or rented vehicle fire.
The customer will pay or reimburse the lessor, at the request of the same, the amount;
1)of objections, in the event of theft or fire, the amount of:
-€1000,00 for scooter 125cc -€2000,00 for scooter 250\300 cc
2) account from fines,penalties,any of the charge, court costs or costs of recovery of credit arising from the use of the vehicle during the rental
3) the customer will pay the amount of this debit, in the case of administrative detention, the daily rate plus 25% for each day during which the vessel will have to stand still
4) if the threshold is exceeded for limited mileage of 0.50 € per kilometer route in more.
5)in case of accident up to 600,00€ debit for moto and scooter to 300 cc 1000,00 for moto and scooter over 300cc
Keys €50,00 –car documents €50,00 –helmet €45,00 –lock €25,00 –GPS €100,00 –Go Pro €200,00 –return vehcle without full tank €20,00
-after one hour fine:rate of the day.-after one dayfine:rate of the day plus 15% for each day of the first week.
After the first day of the second week fine:rate of each day plus 25%
any dispute that might arise relating to this contract is the venue of Cagliari
12) The Italian text prevails in case of conflict with the text in other languages
booking during low season: Cancellation within 15 days prior arrival 30% penalty
booking during high season: Cancellation within 30 days prior arrival 30% penalty
ONLINE only Promotional rates no refundable
under the 1341 and 1342 the customer specifically acknowledges having read and approve the terms and conditions set out in paragraphs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 of this contract